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Gift set Loro Blonyo

Gift set Loro Blonyo
Gift set Loro Blonyo

These handmade sets are perfect as a gift.


They are handmade in Jogyakarta Indonesia. The size of the box is about 10cm by 7cm.

Add a small card with your personal message and you can use this gift for your best (wo)men at your own wedding.


The presence of these sculptures brings happiness, prosperity, health and ensure the residents a long life together.
Price € 15 excluding shipment
(When ordering more then 50 pieces, price € 10 excluding shipment)
 More pictures can be found here.


Original Loro Blonyo L002

Original Loro Blonyo L002

This set is about 125 years old. It is made from wood.



Dewi Sri: 52 x 20 x 28, about 5kg

Sadono: 61 x 35 x 25, about 8kg